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ThankView makes sharing stories, spreading
awareness and thanking donors easy and sincere.

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ThankView makes sharing stories, spreading awareness and thanking donors easy and sincere.

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Universities, nonprofits and companies use ThankView's team-friendly platform to make outreach more sincere, actionable and effective.

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Record or upload videos to dozens or thousands of recipients in minutes.

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ThankView email campaigns average 61% open rate vs. the 16% industry average.

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Our metrics dashboard lets you track every interaction, giving you insight into your most engaged supporters.

At Boston University, we are very thankful for ThankView. Having a product that allows us to steward donors properly while cutting through the inbox clutter has been a huge help to our open rates, pledge fulfillment rates, and retention rates. Donors love seeing a smiling student associated with their message. The feedback has been fantastic.
- Lindsay Roth, Boston University

A Million Little ThankViews

Here are how a few of our partners use branded ThankViews to build better relationships
A few of our valued partners:
Boys and Girls Club
Using ThankView, they've seen 74% email open rates and 70% view completions.
Boston University
Appeals campaign saw a 10x higher engagement than normal.
Made event thank you's more personal by featuring kids and charity president's smiling faces.
Nearly 100% engagement on donor thank you videos shot from Central American work sites.
AIDS Services Foundation
Increased repeat event attendance 35% up just by saying thank you with ThankView.
UNC Chapel Hill
This school sends tens of thousands of personalized ThankViews to alums and supporters.
Reebok Spartan Race
Thanking their 1000's of racers each weekend, ThankView helps significantly increase retention.
Start building deeper relationships, increasing donations and saying thanks today!

A Few Of Our Proud Partners:

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