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Dear Abbe,

We did it!
We are in awe of the continued support of our community, who once again came together to achieve a record-breaking day of fundraising at Brandeis. Thank you for supporting the Hillel Fund through #BrandeisForGood.
In 1948, Brandeis was founded for good. On Giving Tuesday, you gave with that in mind, unlocking an additional $100,000 from Madalyn Friedberg, President of the Brandeis National Committee and Brandeis trustee.
Your gift, combined with those of so many others, supports everything that makes a Brandeis education valuable and unique: dollars for scholarships for deserving students, excellence in teaching and research, athletic competition, support for the first-rate Brandeis Library, and more.
In all, we raised $860,588 from 2,558 donors. We cannot thank you enough.
The Brandeis University Giving Tuesday Team

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