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Mr. & Mrs., congratulations on your great accomplishment! Although we can’t gather in person this spring, we’re committed to honoring you, the Class of 2020, and all of your academic accomplishments. Don’t forget: your virtual A Hui Hou sendoff with your department is coming up soon - you should have already received an email with details.

In addition to the A Hui Hou events, the HPU University Relations office will be checking in with you by phone. And keep an eye on your (snail) mailbox - we’ll be sending you a few special packages to celebrate your milestone. Throughout 2020, you’ll also get personalized video messages from your faculty and the University leadership. All of this will culminate in an in-person commencement ceremony as soon as it is safe to do so. We are deeply committed to honoring your hard work and accomplishments, and we’re very proud of everything you’ve achieved here at HPU.

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