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That's It! Shoot, Share, Win! Visit econdev.dublinohiousa.gov/whydublin to learn more about our Business Appreciation celebration and to check out our carefully-crafted playlist to get you through those busy workdays! Please forward and share this email with your coworkers to submit their own #WhyDublin videos or copy and paste the below instructions into your employee newsletter or internal team channels:

The City of Dublin is proud of its biggest asset, the companies and employees that call its community home. That’s why they want to hear from YOU! Record a quick, #WhyDublin video story at ThankView.com to share why you love working at Wendy's. Participants will be entered to win one of more than 100 gift cards to favorite Dublin restaurants and small businesses. It’s quick and easy to record your video, all from one simple step on your laptop or mobile device.

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