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I hope you are well and keeping safe, as I reach out with a bit of lightness during these sobering times.
I reflect with gratitude on the ways your dedication as a Friends of Gillette volunteer has helped change the lives of children and families at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. You are certainly counted among our greatest blessings—thank you!

Please enjoy these virtual tokens of our appreciation.
I want to share an update on how pleased we are at the great start of the new Friends of Gillette Society – our new leadership giving society for those who give $1,000 or more in the year. This wonderful tribute to the Friends of Gillette name is also building much needed leadership level giving for Gillette – support that, in these difficult times, has never meant more to Gillette. The idea has resonated with our community and generated not only generous membership, but also lovely sentiments confirming the devotion to this special name you all have helped embed in our culture at Gillette.

Once again, our deepest thanks for your support and for building such a meaningful and lasting legacy in the Friends of Gillette!

Safety and well-being to you and your families,

Kate Abbott
Executive Director
Gillette Children’s Foundation 

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